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Frequently Asked Questions

This list comes from many years of weaving in front of our customers.

Did you weave all this? - Since it isn't physically possible for me to have woven everything in the shop, I let people know that we represent a number of weavers who we work closely with. This is a cottage industry, with weavers working in their homes.

Is it made around here? - All of the weavers we represent are local. And most of them come into the shop for regular interaction with us.

How long does it take? - It depends on the complexity of the design. Tapestry weaving takes much longer than shuttle weaving does, so, for the large weavings that Irvin and Lisa weave, it can take anywhere from a week to a year.

Why is one piece more expensive than another? -In part we price things based on the intrinsic artistic value, but, for the most part, it's the labor that went into the piece that determines its price. So tapestry costs more than shuttlework, handspun yarns cost more than millspun yarns, and natural-dyed and hand-dyed yarns cost more than undyed and handdyed yarns.

Do you have a pattern? - Not in the sense that say, knitting, has a pattern. Traditional design systems can strongly guide our design choices, and we might sketch for proportions or to work out an element, but, for the most part, we design our work at the loom.

How do you decide on a design? - I'm sure that all of our weavers have all kinds of approaches to this. It can come from tradition, or from other works of art, or from observations of nature. It can also be something more like lucky chance.

How did you learn to weave? - Most of the weavers we represent learned from family members who wove too. I invite you to look at what the weavers have said about this topic on their pages.

How long have you been doing this? - Irvin Trujillo has been weaving since 1967 and Lisa Trujillo since 1982. Again I invite you to look at the weaver's pages.

Why do you leave an arch? - This question comes when people are watching us weave. We leave an arch to make sure there is enough slack length in our weft yarn to cover the warp yarns it crosses.

Do you make mistakes? - The simple anser is yes. And it is frustrating because it takes as much work or more to unweave than it does to weave. The goal is to catch mistakes before you have gone too far.

Where do you get your materials? - There is a page on this site about this, but most of our yarns come from J&H Clasgens Co. in New Richmond, OH. They have supplied the Chimayo industry for more than 100 years.

Do you dye your own yarns? - Yes. We do a lot of natural dying, but only when the weather allows us to rinse in our irrigation ditch. We dye with acid dyes all year long to match colors for orders.

Do you ship? - We have experience shipping our products all over the world, and UPS comes by here every day to pick up packages.

Do you take returns? - Yes we do. We know that it's hard to tell how well a weaving will look in the space it is intended for.

Do you do custom orders? - Yes. We are always working on a few of them. Just let us know what you are looking for.

How do you get to... and are you.............? - We're about a mile and a half from the Rancho de Chimayo, and about on and 3/4ths miles from the Santuario de Chimayo. Right out the driveway and a left turn at CR98. A left out the driveway and 1 hour and 15 minutes will get you to Taos.

I think that covers most of the frequently asked questions around here.