Weaving Styles

Traditional Weaving Styles

First settled in 1598, Northern New Mexico has a long history. Although it has spent much of its history in relative isolation, trade and political changes have wrought major changes in culture and, by extension, weaving production. These styles all have beginnings in different periods, representing their time in history.


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About Us

Centinela Traditional Arts is a tapestry gallery located in Chimayo, New Mexico, specializing in hand woven tapestry wool products using natural dyes, custom-dyed yarns, handspun yarns, and the traditional Chimayo and Rio Grande weaving styles. The weaving gallery is run by Irvin and Lisa Trujillo, who are award-winning weavers whose work has been shown in museums worldwide, including the Smithsonians. The tapestry gallery and this website also represent several other talented weavers.

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