Blanket Weight Weavings

The sizes that we work with are customary for the industry, developed over the years for a wide variety of uses in people's homes. These weavings are often found decorating shelves, tables, chairs, couches and beds. And all of these sizes make lovely wall hangings.

Rio Grande weaving has historically been woven at a certain thickness, to be used as a blanket. The chimayo industry has been working at this weight since roughly 1910. We don't reccomend this be used on the floor except under low traffic conditions. As this is a weft-faced weave, what you see is the weft yarn. This is the customary feel of Chimayo weavings. They are woven at the same warp setting and with the same wool yarns that Chimayo weavers have been working with for more than a century. So, if you have seen old Chimayo weavings, you will be familiar with the nature of these pieces.

Click on the pictures below, or on the sizes listed to the left to see what we have available in that size.