Face Masks

Our Chimayo made masks

The covid crisis has made the wearing of masks way of life for most of us. These handmade fabric masks have been developed as a result of sewing together roughly 1400 masks, mostly for free distribution within the community in Northern New Mexico and on the Navajo Nation. The design is a pleated one with a pocket for inserting a filter layer of your choice. It uses ties with a barrel lock to ease putting it on and taking it off (carefully) but is more comfortable than wearing elastic loops behind the ears. The ties pass through bias tape channels on the sides of the face that allow you to fit the mask more closely to your face, without large gaps.  It has a wire sewn in across the nose to also aid in a good fit.      All masks are handwashable, on a daily basis if need be. Materials vary some, but the front layers come in three basic variations.

Mask front view
The pleats open up to cover from the top of the nose to under the chin. (Modeled by the maker).
Mask side view
The side view shows the bias tape channels'
I have been taking to tying the ends that will end up down low, behind by neck, together' The other set of ties is joined by a barrel lock, which makes it easier to put on and take off. Always remember to move your mask carefully, so as not to expose yourself to whatever may be on the outside of the mask.
mask handout