Chimayoweavers/Centinela Traditional Arts Since 1982

7021368 - Plain Chimayo vest, handwoven wool with lining-Southwest Modern style vest

This style of vest clean and dramatic in design, we weave these only occasionally. They come out of a training idea we had for our weavers years ago, so that they were not allowed to use symmetry or more than two colors. This vest has indigo as a field color and included in its design. Our nickel buttons are cast copies of the old indian head or buffalo nickels, because buttons made from the real nickels are hard for us to get anymore. The garment is fully lined with a smooth and comfortable polyester fabric. The vest is a size 40 and has the following measurements Chest measurement = 22 inches(44 inches), shoulder measurement= 15.5 inches, regular cut length=24 inches, Flat bottom length 226 inches