Chimayoweavers/Centinela Traditional Arts Since 1982

9271276 - Chimayo Flame vest, handwoven wool unlined-Southwest Flame style vest

This style of vest is something we have developed here at our shop. Flames come down from the shoulders on the front and back for a particularly dramatic looking vest. This vest has medium oxford as a field color and black, light cardinal, and natural included in its design. Our nickel buttons are cast copies of the old indian head or buffalo nickels, because buttons made from the real nickels are hard for us to get anymore. Garment edges are expertly finished with color-matched poly or cotton bias tape. The vest is a size 36 and has the following measurements Chest measurement = 21 inches(42 inches), shoulder measurement= 15 inches, regular cut length=23.5 inches, Flat bottom length 25.5 inches