Chimayoweavers/Centinela Traditional Arts Since 1982


This is our couch in the shop.  Upholstered with Chimayo weavings woven by Lisa Trujillo just for this couch.  It spent roughly twenty years being abused by the Trujillo family, adults and children, before moving into our display room.   These weavings make for very strong and hard-wearing upholstery.

Our weavings are an integral part of the Molesworth design furniture. We will be happy to refer you to a manufacturer of these gorgeous pieces.
Just about any couch or chair can be upholstered with our hard-wearing wool fabric.

We're happy to weave for benches and bancos.

Technically this isn't upholstery, but it's a local tradition to use our weavings draped on couches like this.
This was at the Inn of the Anasazi, in downtown Santa Fe.