Chimayoweavers/Centinela Traditional Arts Since 1982

Custom Orders

We know that our customers don't always find what they are looking for in our inventory. So we do a lot of custom orders. People have a lot of ideas about what they would like to have in the way of vest, coats, and wall hangins but most of our custom orders are for rugs. We try to work closely with our customers to make sure that we understand what they want their weavings to be like. It's a challenging part of our business, but one that we often truly enjoy and occasionally learn some exciting things from.

One of Centinela's unique abilities is to produce handwoven custom rugs to the specific desires of our customers. You can specify design, colors, and size, up to twelve feet wide, and any length desired.

When a rug commission request comes in, we estimate the price based on square footage of the design, and design density. If the client accepts the quote, we can then take a deposit and start warping the loom. Warping is the process of placing the skeleton of the textile on the loom so that when the weaver approaches the loom, he weaves the weft yarn into the warp. We place a new warp on the loom for each large commission because we are weaving each piece at a different width according to the customer's needs. When we assign a weaver to the project, swatches of the desired colors are dyed here to match exactly the skeins of yarn to be used for the textile. Each finished weaving must meet the complete approval of Lisa and Irvin Trujillo before it goes out.


Room-sized custom rug prices usually wind up in the $2000 to $12000 range, depending on the size, materials, and complexity of the piece.