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Centinela 4 Day Rio Grande Chimayo Weaving Class: August 29th-September 1st


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Come join us here at Centinela Traditional Arts for a four day Chimayo/Rio Grande Weaving workshop!

In this workshop, you will be guided through multiple 20" wide x [length determined by student] blanket weight weavings in the Chimayo/Rio Grande weaving style using traditional Chimayo weaving techniques passed down through eight generations of the Trujillo family, as well as learn about the history of Rio Grande weaving and how the Chimayo style came to be. All of our looms are vintage Rio Grande walking looms that have been used here at Centinela for decades. Chimayo weaving is the style of Rio Grande weaving developed in the 1880's primarily by the people of Chimayo, New Mexico, but also surrounding towns in northern New Mexico. This class is open to students who have never touched a loom to expert weavers looking to learn a new style of tapestry or simply perfect their techniques.

This class will be taught by Emily Trujillo, granddaughter of Jake Trujillo and daughter of Irvin and Lisa Trujillo, and award winning eighth generation weaver who lectures nationally and has taught/teaches over six different Rio Grande/Chimayo weaving programs and classes to all ages, demographics, and experience levels.

Centinela opened in 1982, as joint business project by Lisa and Irvin Trujillo shortly after getting married. Irvin's father, Jacobo (Jake) Trujillo, who taught Irvin the techniques of their family's tradition of Chimayo weaving, also helped his son and daughter-in-law build their new facility from the ground up. Our classroom is situated in the back rooms of the Centinela storefront; a room that once housed the production area for many of the weavers who worked for Centinela; and a space where Jacobo and Irvin would work side by side. The Trujillo family have spent years teaching all over the country, and are excited to bring classes to their private studio for the first time.

Classes will run from:

August 29th-September 1st

10:30-5:30 PM Daily

What this class fee covers:

1. "A Chimayo Weavers Guidebook"

2. Yarn and warp

3. Teaching fees

4. Equipment rental. Students will have access to the loom a week after class ends during Centinela Traditional Arts business hours, but there will be no teacher present. After the set class time, students will have to pay for extra yarn they use.

What you will need to bring to class:

1. Water, lunch, snacks (A microwave is available to heat up food)

2. Shoes that are comfortable for standing long periods of time

Email if you have any questions.

The class size will be five students maximum to allow the weavers to better assist each student, and will be run with a minimum of two students.