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Twelve Week Rio Grande Chimayo Weaving Class, May 28th-August 21st


This twelve week (May 28th-August 21st) program, located at Mccurdy Ministries Community Center (362A S. McCurdy Rd, Española, NM 87532), is aimed at teaching the logic and techniques of Chimayo weaving to students of all ages and all weaving experience levels over a prolonged period of time. This class is best for weavers who have already taken Rio Grande weaving classes and are looking to perfect their technique, internalize the logic, and learn how to design, however, all levels of experience are welcome. Students will use a mix of tapestry and non-tapestry weaving techniques and an assortment of Rio Grande weaving styles in order to design their own Rio Grande/Chimayo weaving influenced tapestries. Class will be from 4:30-6:30 Tuesday and Wednesdays for the entire 12 week duration, however, the loom will be available for rent by the hour outside of class (Monday-Friday 8am-3pm). Students will be guided by award winning weavers Lisa and Emily Trujillo, both of whom have taught a variety of Rio Grande/Chimayo weaving classes for the majority of their careers. This class will be taught on sitting looms (Nilus Leclere) instead of Rio Grande walking looms.


There will be a $20 refundable deposit on the loom the student will be using for the 12 weeks, and students will provide their own weft. Students will pay for the warp they used at the end of class. There is no limit on how many pieces a student can weave!


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