Chimayoweavers/Centinela Traditional Arts Since 1982

PrototypicalChimayo - 48x72 Chimayo blanket, handwoven wool

This is Lisa's version of a prototype for a traditional Chimyo design. It has broken down the elements to a simple graphic representation of Chimayo design elements.This type of handwoven wool blanket is commonly used as a wall hanging, or draped over the back of a couch. The piece has oatmeal as a background color and oatmeal and brown heather included in its design. It uses commercial dyes, which means that this yarn was dyed by our yarn suppliers. It was woven by Lisa Trujillo who is a spinner and weaver with more than thirty years of weaving in the Chimayo and Rio Grande tradition, Lisa has won many awards at Spanish Market. It measures approximately 48 by 72 inches.